Club Rules


The LP Club promotes responsible detecting at all times.


The Club Rules listed below are in place so that all of our Members can enjoy our club safely and responsibly. You agree to follow these as part of your Membership. If you are unsure on any points then please discuss with us immediately and always prior to attending any of our digs. Faliure to follow these rules can lead to permanent exclusion with immediate effect.

1. You will be invited to attend our Club digs by way of the email provided at the time of purchase. It is your responsibility to keep us up-to-date with any changes to your contact details.


2. When you are invited to any of our digs we will advise you of any fees that are due to be paid. Please be advised that you will not be permitted access to the event should you not make this payment as instructed.


3. Any finds which fall under the Treasure Act must be declared to an employee of Leisure Promotions (Newbury) Ltd at the earliest opportunity.


4. Any find made on our digs which is valued at £500+ or which falls under the Treasure Act will be spilt with the Landowner on a 50/50 basis.


5. Any Scheduled areas, or other areas that are 'out of bounds' will be brought to your attention on the day. Failure to follow these instructions will not be tolerated.


6. Always be courteous to your fellow Club Members and members of the public.


7. Always leave the ground as you found it. This means filiing in your holes and repairing grass work.


8. All detectorists who attend our digs must wear a finds pouch or other carrier to collect your good finds, scrap and rubbish. Headphones must also be worn at all times so you do not disturb your fellow Club Members.


9. Remove all rubbish and junk from any holes that you dig and dispose of responsibly.


10. Report any finds of live ammunition or other dangerous items to an employee of Leisure Promotions (Newbury) Ltd immediately.


11. Do not attempt to remove or tamper with any signs, fencing or farm equipment.


12. Do not approach the landowner to request permission to detect for your own personal use.


13. At times we may permit you to invite guests along with you. YOU are responsible for your guests at all times and YOU must make them aware of these Rules.


14. Dogs are not permitted on any of our digs, do not scare livestock and always leave gates as you found them.


15. Smoking is not permitted on stubble fields at any time. Please dispose of cigarette ends in a responsible manner.


16. The 5% Member discount can be redeemed in our showroom or by calling 01635 299944 ONLY. This discount is only for your own personal use.


17. Your Membership will expire at 23:39 on 31st December on the year printed on your membership card. It is your responsibility to renew your membership prior to this date to continue to enjoy the great benefits of our club. You can renew by visiting our showroom or by calling us on 01635 597975.