Here are some of our most Frequenty Asked Questions. If these do not answer your questions please call us on 01635 597975



How do I become a Member of The LP Club?

To become a Member you just need to purchase a new detector from LP Metal Detecting. You will then be issued a Membership Card and invited to all our digs.


Can I still become a member if I bought my machine from a different dealer?

Unfortunately not, and there is a good reason for this ... We work hard to find sites for our customers to visit, we want to spend as much time as possible with our customers, showing them how best to use their machine and taking the time for individual coaching where needed. As much as we respect our competition, we don't unfortunately have the time available to provide our great after sales service to their customers too.


Do I have to use a machine bought from LP Metal Detecting on your Member digs?

The simple answer is yes you do, see the above answer for the reasons.


Do you ever hold digs that non-members can come along to?

Absolutely we do. Although the vast majority of our digs are exclusive to our Members, we do hold a few open digs each year too. Keep an eye on our schedule tab at the top of the page for updates.


What do I do when my Membership expires?

Being a dealer we would love you to buy a new machine and have a further year on us! But we know we almost certainly sold you the right machine the first time around, so for the very low price of £10.00 you can renew for another year and continue to enjoy the great benefits of our club. Just give us a call when you are approaching the expiry date of your card.


How do I tell you about something I think you could do to improve the Club?

We love receiving feedback, both good and bad. In fact we rely on it to make improvements to our Club. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01635 597975 to discuss anything.