Buy any new detector from, over the phone on

01635 299944 or by visiting our showroom and you receive a year's FREE Membership to our Club.

You are now entilted to attend any of our Member digs (when using the machine that was bought from us), to enter all of our monthly Member competitions and receive 5% discount on all future purchases.

We will use the email address provided at the time of purchase to keep you

up-to-date with all the great things going on with our Club.

If your email address changes, or you would rather use a different one then please let us know by contacting us at or by calling us on 01635 597975.

Your Membership card will have a year printed on it and will expire at 23:59 on 31st December of the year printed.

To renew your Membership you can of course upgrade your machine to receive FREE Membership - or for the very low price of £10.00 (incl VAT) you can continue to enjoy the great benefits of our club for a further year. To renew simply call us on 01635 597975 at any time before your card expires.

"Buy a new machine from LP Metal Detecting and get a years FREE Membership to The LP Club"

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How to Join

The LP Club

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